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It’s been widely known and accepted that the use of validated assessments is a critical part of selecting and developing people. They help us understand a person’s style, their drivers and their talent and predict how they will most likely perform in a certain situation. Assessments help people hold up the mirror and increase their awareness of their strengths and opportunities for growth.

We are proud of the validated, online assessments we’ve mastered and have used for many years. We’ve helped leaders make better choices in selection and succession planning. We’ve watched individuals discover new insights about themselves. We’ve seen the positive actions taken in both the organization and the teams as a result of the insights from these tools.

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Take a look at the specific information below on the dynamic assessments we work with.  Then give us a call to learn how to best use them to meet your specific needs to develop your people and build your teams. 

Elizabeth is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA), a Certified Professional Values Analyst (CPVA), and a Certified Professional Skills Analyst (CPSA).

Assessments for Development, Selection & Succession Planning

To explore the online validated assessments, learn what they measure and how they can help you develop and select people, click on the titles below. Then contact us for a personalized approach to using them in your organization.


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As a relationship expert who speaks professionally, Elizabeth has addressed over a million people in more than 4,000 can-do, how-to presentations. Clients are from businesses, healthcare organizations and professional associations. To bring Elizabeth in to speak at your next gathering of leaders, or to coach your leaders individually, contact us at 502-339-1600.