Elizabeth Jeffries

Elizabeth Jeffries

Certified Speaking Professional,
CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame

Following are the cutting edge programs our clients request again and again to help solve people problems in their organizations. Presentations are personalized for your specific in-house focus or conference theme, and most can be crafted in one hour, half day or full day formats.

Staying Up in a World That's Upside Down

In this upbeat session on personal motivation, you'll discover tips on how to stay on top of the world in a world that's often upside down! You'll leave this program with renewed energy to live on-purpose, take better control of your own life, and handle the changes around you! (30-60 minute keynote only)

Raising Your Emotional Intelligence

Come discover the power of EQ, what it looks like, sounds like, and how to raise it!  Apply tips and techniques to become more emotionally tuned into yourself and others. You’ll leave this session sparked with strategies to raise your EQ and armed with new ways to manage yourself and lead others to get the outcomes you want.

I Can’t Hear You When You Wink in the Dark!

Do you ever say something you don’t mean, or fail to say something you do mean?  Are your signals ever misunderstood, misinterpreted, or ignored?  Would you like to put more clarity in your message and feel heard? In this playful program, you will practice skills to more effectively get your message across.  You’ll revitalize your ability to more powerfully connect with others to get the results you want!

Work As A Calling

How to Better Serve Your Customers and Get More Meaning from Your Work

This powerful program on why we work will spark you to view work in a new light! It will serve as a motivator to initiate, focus, benchmark and refine all your activities. Discover why it's important to both you and the organization to see your work as a calling, how to recognize roadblocks to hearing and answering the call, and much, much more!

Leading from Within

Much of our personal power and the ability to positively influence others come from within. It includes our behavior — how we tend to do things, our attitudes and values — why we do things, and our talent or competencies — what we are clear and focused on doing. Come discover a new layer of who you are as a leader!

Creating a World Class Team

Our complex environment calls us to change the way we work. Less people, more time pressures and more demanding customers cause us to look for new ways to anticipate and solve problems. It’s too complex to figure out alone or operate in a silo!  We need each other. . . our different personalities, talents, and skills.

Whether your focus is your leadership team, a department team or a project team, this program will put you on track to discover and apply cutting edge ideas so you can better think and act as a team.

Building Your Bench Strength

How to Grow Your Business through Succession Planning and Talent Management

Developing leadership talent is a long-term investment. A viable succession process sets you up for always having good people available for key jobs. It’s about developing your bench strength. This session presents an innovative process for growing your business by planning for the future and developing top talent today.